An accurate translation must consider how language has been used in a text to convey messages, present arguments, describe situations, or sell ideas. More specifically, Spanish is used differently across Latin America, so the meaning of a word in Mexico may be different from the meaning in Peru. And these variances combined with words only used in certain countries render meanings that require the skills obtained by experienced translators. Because I have worked with people from all Latin America and Spain, I am able to pick up these subtleties and translate them to American English.

Conversely, when translating a text from English to Spanish, a translator must consider the target audience to provide a text that will be easily understood. If the translation is to be understood by Spanish speakers from different countries, then a global lexicon must be employed. If, however, the text is targeted to the audience of a specific country, then a translator must use adequate lingo; in the translation industry, this concept is referred to as localization. I offer translations from English to conventional Spanish.

I use the SDL Trados Studio 2021 translation tool to translate Word documents, PDFs, properly scanned documents, and entire WordPress websites. To determine the fee for each translation service, I analyze the documents with SDL Trados Studio 2021.

Translation in SDL Trados Studio 2021