Thanks for your visit. I translate texts from English to Spanish as well as from Spanish to English and edit texts in Spanish and English. When translating or editing, I interpret texts based on the motivation, objective, process, and audience of the author and then use words that clarify meaning yet maintain the author’s voice, which I easily adopt because I have learned to see from different perspectives thanks to my bilingual, bicultural, binational, and biracial background.

Interpret and translate texts from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish.

Light Copyediting
Ensure consistency in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and abbreviation. Correct all errors in grammar, syntax, and usage. Verify the consistency of all content (e.g., footnotes, tables, figures, and references).

Medium Copyediting
In addition to all light copyediting elements, rigorously revise grammar and clarify incorrect syntax.

Heavy Copyediting
Maintain the ideas of the text but rewrite redundant, convoluted, or incoherent prose.

Website Content Management
Correct all errors in grammar, syntax, and usage as well as optimize texts for search engines.