I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, by my Peruvian mother and American father, and I learned English and Spanish not only at home but also at the bilingual American School in Lima, Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt. After my graduation, I moved to San Antonio, Texas, to study and major in marketing at St. Mary’s University. Translating marketing copy from English to Spanish during my first internship while still in college made me realize working with words was something I enjoyed.

Concurrently, the digital age dawned, business school promoted free trade agreements, and marketing classes focused on competitive advantages. In a globalized economy governed by information, I decided to improve my writing skills in English and Spanish. I have been working as a translator, writer, and editor since 1998.

Other than the cities I grew up and went to school in, I have lived in Cusco, Peru; Miami, Florida; Seville, Spain; and Houston, Texas. Living in each of these cities has enhanced my perception of the nuances in each language, so now I take great care in using words that convey the intended meaning. Moreover, experimenting with words and ideas while pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing has broadened my ability to work with language.

As a translator and editor, I specialize in translating, proofreading, and copy editing texts written in English or Spanish, which includes revising English translations of texts originally written in Spanish as well as Spanish translations of texts originally written in English. Because translating and editing demands me to keep learning words, rules, and styles, now I am dedicated to studying both English and Spanish not only to improve my skills as a translator and editor but also to enrich my personal life.